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Your home is a personal place for you and your family, and when you need to hire a professional maid cleaning service, it is essential to find a company that will respect your house. We hire knowledgeable background screened cleaners who enjoy keeping their own homes sanitized. These experts will clean your home quickly, leaving every surface spotless. Imagine coming home after a busy day at work to find organized bathrooms, vacuumed carpets and a sanitized kitchen, making it easy to enjoy your evening. We are the perfect choice for anyone who is too busy to complete housecleaning chores.

We Offer The Best Maid Service

Our maid cleaning services are the best, and we offer a guarantee to prove it to our customers. We offer flexible schedules to meet your needs, and you can arrange a one-time cleaning service after a party or on a regular basis. In addition, you can request standard cleaning services, or you can request specialized sanitation tasks.

It Is Easy To Contact Us

Looking for a maid for your home is a complicated process to find an individual who understands how to clean your home and who has the proper types of equipment for the job. You will also want to hire someone who does not have any criminal history, but it can take months to complete a criminal background check. Our company had a team of trained cleaners who we have background screened for your safety, making the individuals available right away to work in your home.

How Can Your Choose A Flexible Cleaning Plan?

Our scheduler will create a customized cleaning plan for your home that is perfect for your schedule and your budget. We have flat-rate cleaning service prices that are based on the number of rooms in a home, including the bathrooms. However, you can also request special cleaning tasks for our maids to complete.

What Can Our Maids Clean?

Our maids can clean all types of homes, including apartments, condominiums, mobile homes and regular houses. We have employees who know how to make your home sparkling clean and odor-free because we have guidelines for providing the best services. Here is a list of what is included in our regular maid service plan.

Maid Service 1: Kitchen Cleaning Services

Our maids will begin by cleaning a kitchen from top to bottom, including sanitizing the countertops, appliances and sink. We clean appliances thoroughly by soaking and washing the removable metal burners and knobs along with sanitizing the stovetop. We look for debris that is on the walls or the cabinets in the kitchen, removing grease, food particles or cobwebs. You can have the interior surfaces of the cabinets sanitized to eliminate pathogens. We can also clean the inside and the outside of the other appliances in a kitchen, including the oven, refrigerator and dishwasher. Our maids will vacuum and mop the floor of the kitchen, making sure to move appliances and furniture to sanitize the surfaces underneath these items. We can sanitize small appliances, polish stainless steel surfaces, scrub the kitchen sink and wash the dishes. If there is a laundry area, then we will clean it until it is spotless. Last, we will empty the wastebaskets and take out the trash.

Bedrooms And Living Rooms

While our maids are at your home cleaning, we offer additional services that include cleaning the furniture, stairways and floors with a high-quality vacuum cleaner. We also remove dust from all of the artwork on the walls or the knickknacks on the shelves. Our maids can use a special dust wand to remove the debris from ceiling fans and light fixtures. Delicate floor tiles are sanitized with a microfiber mop to prevent scratches. While cleaning, our maids use cleansers that will eliminate foul odors along with destroying viruses and bacteria. In the bedrooms, we can change the linens on the beds.

Sanitizing The Bathrooms

Bathrooms get dirty quickly, but our maids can sanitize the spaces by using environmentally friendly cleansers to sanitize the countertops, bathtubs, sinks or toilets. These gentle products won’t damage the delicate surfaces of the plumbing fixtures or the countertops, and we can also polish the mirrors or the interior windowpanes. Our maids can use nonabrasive cleansers that won’t harm the wood cabinets in your home’s bathrooms.

Specialized Cleaning Tasks

While we offer standard maid services, our customers can also request specialized cleaning tasks for a home. Some of the cleaning services that our customers want to have include cleaning the interior surfaces of closets or cabinets. A maid can remove the buildup of grease and burnt-on food debris from an oven. We can also sanitize the interior surfaces of a refrigerator’s cooling and freezer section. Throughout the inside of your home, our maids can polish the interior window glass and window frames.

Things That We Can’t Clean

Our maids offer an assortment of cleaning services, but there are a few tasks that we can’t complete, including sanitizing patios or garages that require pressure washing. We also don’t allow our maids to clean exterior windows due to the danger from falling from a ladder. Our cleaning company also won’t allow our maids to clean the lightbulbs that are in ceiling light fixtures or table lamps because the items are too fragile.

Get Additional Information From Our Company

Our company’s representatives are happy to provide additional information about our cleaning services. If you aren’t sure about the types of cleaning services that you require, then call us with all of your questions. Make sure to have a list of the cleaning tasks needed for your home before we send our knowledgeable maids to your address. Here are the reasons for hiring our maids:

– We offer standard or customized maid service
– Our company has the proper cleaning equipment
– We can use regular or eco-friendly cleansers
– Our company offers flexible scheduling
– The same team can clean your home each time

Call us today to learn more about our maid services, and arrange an appointment for your home.