House Cleaning Services

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The mess in your home isn’t going to clean itself up. Dust bunnies are wreaking havoc everywhere you turn, along with hair, pieces of food, and pet fur. We get it. It can be quite frustrating when other things in your life stand in the way of cleaning your home.

You can have your life back again with Maids Cleaning Services. We’ll not only clean your home but make sure you don’t have a spec of dirt left!

Home Cleaning Is What We Do

There are many home cleaning services to choose from in South Florida, but when it comes to cleaning a small, 500 square foot apartment or a 5000 square foot house, our experts are here to assist you. We clean apartments, townhomes, and residential homes. We even offer our services by the hour for any jobs that may not require a complete home cleaning. Our flexibility gives us the opportunity to help our customers regardless of their circumstances.

Our Service Guarantee

There are many qualifications a person must have to be an excellent housekeeper. It can take us months to find the right employees for our company, as we interview hundreds of potential cleaners before we hire the ones that we believe will best represent Maids Cleaning Services. Our 200% guarantee says we hire only the best cleaners. We pride ourselves on hiring only the best people.

Estimates Not Needed

Because our services are offered at a flat rate, no in-person quotes or estimates are needed. All you need to do is let us know how many bathrooms and bedrooms are in your home, along with anything else you want to be cleaned and schedule the appointment. It’s as easy as that.

Services Included

We have precise procedures that we go by to ensure you’re receiving the best cleaning service from us. The following list includes all of the services we provide in our home cleaning package.


In the kitchen, we’ll remove all of the cobwebs from every corner of the room.

If you have a ceiling fan, we’ll get rid of any dust that settles on top of it, if needed.

We’ll wet wipe your kitchen cabinets to remove buildup and dust from the outside, and for an extra fee, we’ll also clean the inside of them if you wish.

The stove will be cleaned with non-scratch sponges including the surface tops, the stove fan, the drip pans, and scrub grates.

The microwave will be deep cleaned and the plate will be washed and dried.

Countertops, including those with stone or marble surfaces, will be wiped down thoroughly.

The outside of each appliance including dishwashers, ovens, fridges, and more will be cleaned, and for an extra fee, we’ll clean the inside of them too.

Any dishes in the sink, including the sink itself, will be scrubbed and cleaned.

If you have any surfaces or appliances that are stainless steel, we will polish those for you.

The trash will be emptied and replaced with clean new bags so long as we know where the bags are located.

The washer and dryer in the laundry area will be wiped and dusted.

We’ll use our powerful vacuum to deep clean rugs or tiles inside of the laundry and kitchen areas. High traffic areas in these rooms (if tiled) will be mopped.


Any countertops in your bathroom will be cleaned with our environmentally friendly green products which are safe to use.

We’ll clean your tub and shine all of the mirrors in your bathroom.

Any cobwebs in the corners will be removed.

Furniture in the bathrooms will be cleaned if we see any spots, marks, or dust.

Trash cans will always be emptied on a regular basis and if the trash is full, we’ll put new bags in the cans. Just make sure you leave some bags for us in a place where we can find them.

The bathroom floors will be mopped with freshly scented cleaners that do not contain any dangerous chemical mixtures.

The shower floors, doors, and walls will be scrubbed and cleaned. The sinks and their fixtures will be cleaned with non-scratch sponges. The toilets will be scrubbed and cleaned and we’ll see to it that the base is completely wiped down.

If your doors need to be wiped or dusted, let us know and we’ll do it for you.

The outside surfaces of your bathroom cabinets will be cleaned.

Your bathroom’s floors and rugs will be vacuumed with care.

Living Room And Bedroom

Any ceiling fans you have in your living room or in the bedrooms will be deep-cleaned to remove any dust that is present if needed.

Cobwebs will be removed from behind furniture, on ceilings, and behind corners by one of our experienced professionals.

All of the trash in your bedroom, living room, or office will be taken to the dumpster once our associates have finished cleaning these areas. Bags will also be replaced inside of the cans.

Bed linens will be changed and replaced with fresh new ones on your beds. We ask that you leave the dirty ones on top of the beds so that we’ll know they need to be changed.

The stairs, small rugs, and carpets will be vacuumed using special floor attachments.

Other Available Services

Baseboard cleaning
Blind cleaning
Oven cleaning
Window cleaning (inside)
Clean and vacuum drawers and cabinets (inside)
Fridge cleaning (inside)
Drawer and cabinet cleaning and vacuuming (inside)

All of our cleanings, including the additional services we offer, are customized to suit the needs of your specific home, which is why we don’t perform all of these services each time. Our cleaners will choose the areas that need the most cleaning. If we feel there is a particular area that doesn’t need cleaning, we won’t do it unless you ask us to.

When our professionals arrive at your home, make sure you let them know if you have any special needs prior to cleaning, including certain areas you would like for them to spend extra time on. We want your satisfaction to be 100% after our job is complete.

Still Unsure?

If you’re still not sure about home cleaning services in general, call us. We’ll answer each and every question you have about our services. We have an online booking system on our website that puts you in control of your appointment. You can add new services, change appointment times, or cancel at any time.

Items We Don’t Clean

There are some things we do not clean including the following:

Light Fixtures or Light Bulbs: We will not clean or wipe light bulbs or light fixtures as they are fragile and can be a liability should something happen.

Patios and Garages: As we are in South Florida, it can get very hot, which is why our professionals are always kept indoors. We do not pressure wash garages or patios due to this.

Windows (outside): Ladders are typically required to clean windows outside. We only have step ladders which are used to clean the windows inside of your home.

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