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Whether renting or buying, moving can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. After all the time spent packing, moving furniture, and dealing with logistics, the last thing you want to do is go back to deep clean your old home or worse, move into your new home to find that the previous owners left you with their mess. That’s where the experts at Up Maids Cleaning Services come in! We are also frequently used by renters and landlords, in order to ensure that new renters are moving into a clean home. Renters have a better chance of getting their security deposit back when they leave behind a sparkling space. Landlords maintain a much better reputation when they care about leaving new renters with a clean home that feels like it can be theirs for the next couple years. If you’re renting, buying, moving out, or moving in, we can help make the process run much smoother!

Helpful Tips

For our move-in/move-out cleaning to run smoothly for us and for you, here are a few tips to consider:

• Leave a key! Many of our move-in/move-out cleanings are done at empty homes. To avoid waiting around on either end, it can be helpful to leave a key somewhere that we can easily access. Just make sure to let us know where the key will be when you call to schedule the cleaning, so we can get to work right away.

• Have power and running water. Unfortunately, it’s hard for us to effectively clean your home without power and running water. To make the most of our time and your money, power and water is essential. If you are having your power or water turned on specifically for us to clean, please make sure to do so at least 24 hours before the cleaning. This gives the utility companies ample time to get everything running and avoid scheduling conflicts.

• Don’t wait until the last minute. Leave a little bit of wiggle room in case a re-cleaning is necessary. In some cases, we may need to go back to a home and if you’re on a time crunch that may not be possible!

• Schedule any other services on another day. The best way to get a house in tip-top shape is for us to have it free of any other workmen or servicemen. Contractors, movers, and carpet cleaners appreciate having us out of their way as much as we do! We can all do a much better job when we have the space to do so.

General Questions

Q: What’s special about a move-in/move-out clean and why do I need it?
A: A standard cleaning involves general upkeep, including cleaning the countertops, floors, bathrooms, and kitchens. A move-in/move-out cleaning includes all this plus a more detailed, deeper clean. We take extra care to guarantee that the home is clean and ready for a new family to make it their own.

Q: Should I be home for the cleaning?
A: There is no need for you to be present, as long as we are able to get into the house promptly. You can leave the house unlocked or make sure to let us know where we can locate the key. We are also happy to lock up afterwards!

Q: How long will the cleaning take?
A: A move-in/move-out cleaning is more detailed than a standard cleaning, therefore adding an hour or two of our time. A 1 bedroom/1 bathroom typically takes 2-3 hours, whereas a 3 bedroom lasts around 4-5 hours.

Q: What is NOT included in the move-in/move-out cleaning?
A: We get a lot of questions about this one! We are not able to clean outside windows due to equipment and insurance issues. If your windows look dirty after we leave, it is most likely dirt from outside of the window. We also do not provide carpet cleaning. If you need either of these services, we know several reputable businesses that can help. There are various things we are unable to do because of safety reasons or lack of equipment, so please contact us for the full list or feel free to ask!

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Contact us today at Up Maids Cleaning Services to schedule a move-in/move-out cleaning! Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a seasoned landlord, hiring someone to do the dirty work is well worth it. You deal with the details of moving, while we deal with the dusty, dirty corners of your old or new house. We are experienced, professional, and happy to help make moving a seamless transition.