Tips On Cleaning Your Shower Door Tracks

by Up Maids - November 22, 2019

After you have done the work to get your shower walls, doors and other surfaces cleaned, how do you tackle the door tracks themselves? If this is an area you have long overlooked, fear not. You are in good company, as this is a spot that is easy to miss.

But, it is worth nothing that these tracks are capable of accumulating a good amount of soap scum, dirt and the like, and it is necessary to get them as clean as you can. Also, the buildup of minerals for those who have hard water can eventually make the shower doors dificult to slide. As such it is wise to clean the tracks of your shower doors as frequently as you clean the rest of the shower enclosure.

Are you interested in learning just how to get aluminum tracks and frames clean? Review the following options to find out more.

Using Vinegar To Clean Shower Door Tracks

Anyone who is a fan of DIY cleaning products will know about the power of vinegar. Using the distilled, white version is a great way to get rid of hard water mineral buildup, soap scum and staining from shower door tracks.

All that is needed is a quarter to a half a cup of white, distilled vinegar, some cotton balls, a spray bottle full of distilled water, a brush of some sort and a soft cloth.

Use the cotton balls to apply vinegar to the door tracks. Not a great deal of vinegar is likely to be necessary. You want to tracks wet, but they need not be flooded. If your flooring surface is tile or stone, it is important to take care not to splash vinegar on them.

Allow the vinegar to sit in place for between three and five minutes. Then, scrub away gently all traces of staining or soap scum with your brush.

Now, use the spray bottle to rinse away any vinegar or residue that remains. Use the cloth to wipe the surface dry. If there is a significant amount of buildup, feel free to repeat the process if needed.

Cleaning Shower Doors With Steam

Those interested in chemical-free processes for cleaning shower doors will also be interested in the effectiveness of steam. All that is needed for this process is a home steamer equipped with a wand tool, a soft cloth, and a plastic knife or spatula.

Turn on the steamer according to the machine’s instructions. Utilize the wand attachment to loosen buildup and staining in the tracks themselves. Wrap the plastic tool with the cloth and use it to get into angles and edges, loosening anything that remains.

Once that process is complete, just wipe the tracks down with a clean cloth, and repeat the steaming process if necessary to eliminate every trace of buildup. Learn more with House Cleaning Miami

After the tracks have received a thorough clean, it is a good idea to wipe them using a soft, microfiber cloth after every bath or shower going forward.