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House Cleaning In Naples

A clean home is a healthy one. A spotless house can put a smile on your face. Spending all your time cleaning without any help is enough to make you frown instead of smile, however, and it can affect your health.

For people who live in Bonita Springs and areas close to it, Up Maids offers Naples maid services. We make it possible for you to do more with your time than clean the house. Our services help you create the happy and healthy home you want.

Because we know your cleaning needs may not be the same as someone else’s, our cleaning services are tailored to suit your requirements. These services include standard house cleaning, cleaning when moving in or moving out, thorough spring cleaning, and spot cleaning. Prices for these services vary.

You will be totally happy with whatever cleaning service we provide you with. If you find that you’re not, all you have to do is tell us and we’ll do the cleaning job again for free. If you’re not smiling after that, we’ll refund your money. The 200% happiness guarantee we give you shows we care about our customer’s satisfaction.

If you go to Yelp and similar review sites, you’ll see that few people use our 200% happiness guarantee. Because we deliver nothing less than quality service and we believe it’s our obligation to do so, we get the job done right the first time. Check out the reviews for Up Maids if you need additional assurance.

House Cleaning Naples FL

Who Is Up Maids Cleaning Services?

Up Maids Cleaning Service is a Naples cleaning company that offers superior residential and commercial cleaning services. We tackle jobs large and small. It’s our responsibility to make sure all your cleaning needs are met.

The services Up Maids offers are designed to satisfy your cleaning needs and your need to stick to a budget. Our cleaning maids are thoroughly screened so that we can be sure the people who work for us are competent and professional. We are a five-star company that only hires the best employees.

How To Get Up Maids Cleaning Services

You can book cleaning services by going to our website. Requesting the services you need from Up Maids is fast and easy. All you’ll have to do is provide some necessary information.

You will need to tell Up Maids how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have in your home. The cleaning services you want will need to be provided, along with any specific requests you may have. The date and time you want the services done will have to be given, too.

You can choose to be charged by the hour if you aren’t having your whole house cleaned. If you are, we’ll charge you a flat fee. We’ll reward you with a discount for being a loyal customer, but we won’t try to convince you to order cleaning services you feel aren’t needed. We leave it up to you to decide how often you want to schedule cleaning services from us.


Our 200% Guarantee

Along with feeling happy about being able to schedule cleaning services when it’s most convenient for you, you can feel happy about our 200% happiness guarantee. It promises that we’ll do the work over at no additional cost if you’re not satisfied with the work we did, and in the event you still aren’t smiling about the results after the redo, we’ll refund your money.

Schedule Cleaning Services With Up Maids Now

Book professional cleaning services with Up Maids now if your house is a mess and the dirt and clutter are negatively affecting your health and happiness. Put your time to better use by having us do your cleaning. Remember that you risk nothing by booking an appointment and scheduling is easy.

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What’s Included in a Standard Home Cleaning?

Need to know what’s included with a Up Maids Cleaning? Click the area of the house below to get the complete list.


  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Clean countertops
  • Empty sink and load up dishwasher with dirty dishes
  • Wipe down exterior of appliances like the stove, oven, and fridge
  • Clean the inside and outside of the microwave
  • Clean all floor surfaces
  • Take out any garbage and replace garbage bags

kitchen cleaning


  • Polish and clean mirrors
  • Clean and wash out sinks
  • Shine spouts and handles
  • Wash all countertops
  • Sanitize toilets and toilet bowls
  • Clean showers and tubs
  • Empty and replace trash can bags
  • Sweep, mop and vacuum all floor surfaces

bathroom cleaning

Bedroom, Living Room, & Common Areas

  • Wiping down table surfaces and countertop
  • Dusting ceiling fans (as needed)
  • Dusting blinds
  • Dusting window sills (as needed)
  • Empty and replace trash can bags
  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum all floor surfaces

living room cleaning

Extras (Upon Request)

In addition to the standard cleanings, extras can always be added upon request for that additional shine.


  • Cleaning inside of refrigerator
  • Cleaning inside of oven
  • Cleaning the interior windows
  • Clean all floor surfaces
  • Cleaning the inside of cabinets
  • Deep clean blinds
  • Move-in/Move-out cleaning: Inside windows and baseboards
  • Deep cleaning: Baseboards, vents, light switches and power outlets

home cleaning extras

What Makes Up Maids Cleaning Services Special?

What makes Up Maids special over other home cleaning companies? We’re the top rated home cleaning company. Aside from our core values of always being honest, thorough and timely, here’s a short list of other things we do to go above and beyond every time.
200 happy guarantee

200% Happiness Guarantee

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Easy Online Booking

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Only The Best Cleaners


You know that awkward moment when you have to explain how you want your place cleaned to a maid? That doesn’t exist with UpMaids. They allow you to book so quickly online, and I didn’t have to speak to anyone. The cleaning quality was great too!
Emily G.
This is the best service I have ever used for cleaning and I have used a lot of services. I got sick of my previous maid after they stopped showing up without any notice. UpMaids came the next day and I have never been happier. They cleaned everything from the baseboards to the light fixtures. I have no complaints, only praise. Thanks!
Racheal C.

Naples Maid Service

Residential House Cleaning Services

Our company offers a full roster of vital house cleaning services. Contact us for assistance mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, washing dishes, dusting, polishing furniture, folding laundry, and scrubbing bathroom sinks, tubs, and toilets. We offer the services of a dedicated team of full-time house cleaning technicians. Our customized housekeeping and tidying services enhance your household’s quality of daily life.

Today, busy residents of the Naples Area sometimes face pressing scheduling demands. Performing the myriad of tasks required to maintain a home in a sparkling clean condition while still earning a living, attending social functions, and caring for your loved ones, may prove challenging indeed. Consider delegating some basic cleaning responsibilities to us.

Fortunately, you can rely on Naples House Cleaning And Maid Service. Let us complete essential house cleaning projects for you. Request our assistance every few weeks, or on a regular, ongoing basis. We’ll help you keep your Naples Area home in an attractive condition!


Skilled Naples Apartment Cleaners


Our well-trained, energetic cleaning technicians also help beautify apartments across Naples. Tenants, landlords, and property management firms frequently request our assistance. We supply skilled, cost-effective cleaning technologies. We’ll help you improve the likelihood of rental units remaining in service (and not vacant).

Tenants sometimes mistreat rental premises in advance of a relocation. They may leave heavy or damaged furniture or unused packing materials at the site. For some households, cleaning simply becomes a low priority during hectic moves. It may seem overwhelming to pack and remove every personal item from the property by a specific deadline, and still leave the apartment in an attractively clean condition.

By utilizing the services of Naples House Cleaning And Maid Service, you’ll help ensure your apartment appears clean and well-maintained. We offer vital housekeeping assistance to renters, apartment owners, landlords, and property managers. Contact us for comprehensive cleaning services. Our team of technicians will make sure an apartment supplies a clean, hygenic place to live before, during, and after relocations.


Excellent Naples AirBNB Cleaners


Naples House Cleaning And Maid Service also offers valuable assistance to anyone offering homes for short-term vacation rental purposes. Making a spare bedroom (or an entire residence) available for the use of paying guests on a temporary basis often supplies Naples property owners with welcome additional revenue. Yet from a health and safety standpoint, it proves vitally important to ensure everyone enjoys clean, comfortable accommodations.

Ask our full-time cleaning technicians to perform important cleaning responsibilities. Our customers sometimes request our services before (and after) every rental use. It proves helpful to obtain the input of professional cleaners in tidying and sanitizing rental premises. We’ll help you showcase your premises to the best possible advantage.

Full-time motels and hotels benefit from diligent cleaning services supplied by a regular housekeeping staff. Private homes offered for short term vacation uses similarly need to receive regular cleaning. Call upon Naples House Cleaning And Maid Service to perform this essential service in the Greater Naples Area!


Request Maid Service in Naples


Another helpful service provided to customers by Naples House Cleaning and Maid Service involves providing regular maid services. Ask us to supply the ongoing housekeeping assistance your loved ones need to enjoy a comfortable quality of daily life. This investment contributes to tidier, more pleasant premises.

For example, perhaps an aging parent now requires assistance maintaining an uncluttered living space or making the bed every day? Do you require extra help cleaning the kitchen or the bathroom after the arrival of a newborn? Our staff of full-time cleaning technicians furnishes customized maid services. We’ll help perform essential housekeeping tasks to make domestic life more comfortable for your household.

Maids available through our company offer useful assistance washing, folding, and sorting laundry, making beds, dusting, and vacuuming. We undertake other recurring light housekeeping tasks, too. Obtain useful assistance from our experienced team of cleaning professionals.


Find Affordable House Cleaners


The recent coronavirus pandemic has heightened the pressure placed upon landlords and short-term vacation rental property owners to ensure the clean, safe condition of their premises. It remains vitally important to sanitize and disinfect living spaces. Clean apartments and other rented quarters not only “show” better, they enhance the happiness and satisfaction of residents.

Naples House Cleaning And Maid Service offers a highly cost-effective option for busy residents of Naples. First, we’ve invested in the state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and supplies required to help achieve sparkling clean premises as rapidly as possible. Our customers don’t need to purchase items for house cleaning purposes: we bring these tools along with us.

Second, by choosing our service, you essentially hire an entire team of cleaners. Our company fully supports the goals and objectives of our customers. If one employee departs on vacation, we’ll send someone else to make sure your premises receive careful, thorough cleaning. Our firm prioritizes your scheduling needs and requirements.


Why Customers Prefer Us


We hope our strong commitment to customer service contributes to our company’s success. Yet a variety of other factors also prompts new customers to request our services. Just consider a few reasons to choose Naples House Cleaning And Maid Service


Customized cleaning and housekeeping services;

Services available on a flexible schedule you prefer;

Well-trained, fully screened employees;

A trusted local business in Naples;

Fair, cost-effective pricing policies;

Free estimates available upon request;

A cooperative team of full-time cleaning industry professionals;

Environmentally safe, pet-friendly cleaning supplies;

Available on demand and for recurring cleaning services!


Our company welcomes the opportunity to discuss our firm and its policies with you in greater depth. Consider scheduling an appointment soon to meet with us. If you share your unique goals and requirements for your residential cleaners with us, we’ll gladly explore how we can assist your household in the Naples Area.


The Vital Importance of Quality


Today, Naples households enjoy a variety of choices when they retain residential cleaners. Naples House Cleaning And Maid Service strives to uphold high quality standards. Our team of cleaning industry technicians works diligently to create tidy, immaculately clean residential premises. We believe we offer solid value to our customers.

One aspect of our business involves querying customers about specific projects in depth before we commence work. By communicating effectively concerning the scope and duration of each assignment, we seek to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. Our staff takes great pride in helping our clients achieve their desired results.

Yet we also seek to furnish cost-effective services. Some customers prefer to remain responsible for performing certain recurring cleaning tasks themselves. Others delegate the bulk of household cleaning and maid services to us. In both cases, we create detailed project agreements to outline these responsibilities clearly. This documentation ultimately helps everyone by delineating customer expectations. It offers milestones for evaluating our firm’s performance!


Our Commitment to Our Customers


Selecting Naples House Cleaning And Maid Service offers some important advantages. Some of the most important benefits of using our service include these considerations:


Wellness Benefits


Today, cleaning services in the Naples Area frequently supply important wellness benefits. Some individuals and households find maintaining a high level of cleanliness challenging. Perhaps your family includes a hoarder (a specific psychological condition)? These individuals typically maintain cluttered or even unhygenic personal living spaces. It may prove well nigh impossible for other members of their household to clean the premises effectively without assistance. Hiring our team of full-time cleaners offers a helpful resource in this situation.

Similarly, we help customers who may have difficulty physically performing some cleaning tasks. Our cleaners assist people with physical disabilities. We help seniors with limited range of motion clean inaccessible places in a home. We also aid busy new parents who need extra cleaning services while caring for infants. All of these customers enjoy more pleasant, comfortable surroundings very cost-effectively by using our firm’s services.


Convenience Benefits


Naples House Cleaning And Maid Service also furnishes important convenience benefits for busy people. Today, many households in the Naples Area maintain frenetic schedules. It may prove exhausting to work full-time and also perform important housekeeping tasks on a daily basis.

Obtaining regular cleaning services sometimes proves necessary simply to maintain a residence in an attractive condition. Our cleaners can undertake essential tasks that might otherwise assume a lower than optimal priority. We help many busy families keep their homes attractive without sacrificing fun entertainment activities, or other inconveniences.


Time Benefits


Using our cleaning services also offers key time savings for many customers. For example, perhaps your household anticipates a hectic holiday season? If you anticipate hosting a number of social events at your residence, it may prove essential to obtain short-term house cleaning and maidservice support during this specific period of time.

Our company offers a “safety net” to households in this situation. Do you find yourself struggling to meet important deadlines without sacrificing cleaning responsibilities? We’ll help perform the time-consuming housekeeping tasks you might otherwise delay, yet wish to accomplish on schedule.


Prestige Benefits


Additionally, in trendy Naples, obtaining regular maid services from a qualified firm sometimes offers significant prestige benefits. For example, if you regularly offer your home as a stylish short term vacation rental property, it proves vitally important to maintain the premises in a welcoming, immaculately clean, condition. Retaining our maid services may enhance the competitiveness of your listing to prospective vacationers.

Some tenants prefer to choose short-term rentals that includes our prestigious services. They can focus on enjoying a relaxing vacation in Naples or networking with peers during their stay. Visiting AirBNB tenants may wish to tour landmarks in L.A. without performing tedious housekeeping chores like cleaning the dishes or tidying the living room. Prestigious five star hotels routinely offer housekeeping services. Many short term vacation home owners also desire to furnish cleaning and maid services for their short-term guests, too!


Schedule House Cleaning Services Conveniently


We take great pride in helping local residents showcase their homes in an attractive, welcoming condition. Our customers rely on us. We appreciate their trust.

Sparkling clean premises enhance your daily comfort. A spotless home contributes to a better quality of life for you and your loved ones. Contact us now to request a free estimate, or to schedule a cleaning appointment. We look forward to speaking with you soon!