How You Can Clean The Gap That’s In Between Your Countertop And Stove

by Up Maids - November 22, 2019

Do you ever wonder if there are food magnets in that gap between your countertops and the stove? What else could explain how every crumb and grain of rice within a foot of your stove winds up falling down into that opening? Whether you’re preparing a large holiday dinner or just nuking something in the microwave up above it, you probably feel like something falls down there nearly every time someone is making food.

We might not ever be able to explain the mysterious forces that suck in food particles and grease splotches into the dark void sitting between your stove and your counter, but we have figured out how to clean all that up. Keep reading to learn what we know about keeping this mystery void as clean as you can.

Be Mindful Of The Gap

Any food that doesn’t actually fall down into this cooking canyon is food you don’t have to clean up later. Given that, it makes sense to buy a cover you can use for that space. Big box retailers who sell hardware and home goods have many different covers to choose from, and there are even more options online. Most counter-gap covers come at affordable price points, and they’re almost always easy to clean.

Take A Whack At That Crack

If you have food that has already wound up in that gap before you cover it, then you need a means of getting rid of it. If left down there, you could eventually notice a foul smell. It might even prove alluring to pests you’d rather not have in your kitchen. The best way of cleaning out this void really depends on just how physically wide it is.

Narrow Spacing: Get a butter knife, and use the tip so you can scrape crumbs out of there. Be sure that the blade of the butter knife is facing away from you. Wedge your knife into the space between the counter and stove, and then use a gentle scraping motion to get debris coming your way. Next, get the the countertop cleaner you trust most and spray a bit on a thin microfiber cloth or a paper towel. Use this to wipe the gap or crack. If you still see crumbs, repeat these steps until the space is free and clear.

Wider Spaces: When you have more room to actually work with, you are likely to have an easier time of things. Wrap your clean microfiber around a yard stick or plastic spatula, and then use this so you can clear out debris. If need be, follow up using a vacuum cleaner attachment to catch any crumbs still down there. Just be sure that your work area is totally dry before you start using any electrical appliances.

Tip: Need to clean any spaces between cabinets and countertops? These same methods still work wonders!

Venture The Void That Most Homeowners Ignore

One or two times a year, you should pull the stove out from your wall and clean underneath your oven. Doing this is a good way of catching the lemon seeds, bits and pieces of pasta, and whatever else has fallen down here.

Tips For Cleaning Up Behind Your Stove

Be careful when you move your stove. You don’t want to risk any damage to the utility connections coming from the wall, be it a natural gas hose or an electrical cord. Also, be sure you get help from someone else in moving an appliance this big. Another pair of hands helps you avoid injury a lot. You can prevent scratching the floor by lifting up the corners of the stove and then putting them on carpet swatches or a doormat prior to sliding the appliance out and away from the wall.

Cleaning Underneath Your Oven

Most stove either have a warmer drawer or broiler underneath the oven door. Other times, it might just be a detachable panel. You can typically remove these without much difficulty. Once out, you should be seeing bare floor that you can vacuum or sweep easily. Check the owner’s manual for specific instructions on either replacing or removing parts and components of your oven. If you don’t have the owner’s manual, then use the model number of your stove to look up information online. Lean more with Cleaning Services Miami

Now you know how you can clean your gap between the countertop and stove, so you might be curious about learning effective ways of cleaning other places that aren’t easy to reach or access.