How To Clean Wood Furniture

by Up Maids - November 22, 2019

Most homes have wooden furniture or pieces. They add a cozy element to any home especially with the sturdy designs and the rich grains. However, if your wooden surfaces are coated with dust or sticky residue, everything looks out of place. Here are the best tips on how to clean wooden furniture and prolong the lifespan.

Something To Note:

You can buy wooden furniture from any online or physical store near you. Also, many antique décor pieces are made from wood. However, most of the wooden furniture you will find today, especially the most affordable ones, are made from veneer or laminate instead of actual wood.

Some of the newer pieces of wood often have a manufacturer’s guide on cleaning. Also, you can look online for the furniture treatment options available. Don’t use the same cleaning and maintenance instructions for a laminate desk as those for a mahogany sideboard.

What You Need To Know About Cleaning Wooden Furniture

Your first thought might be using commercial cleaners or polish when you want to clean your wooden furniture. Well, you should know that these products are likely going to harm your wooden pieces.

You should know that each cleaner and polish contains a different chemical makeup. With time, these chemical interactions will make the finish on your wooden furniture sticky. Also, lacquer finishes often absorb the chemicals in these cleaners as well as water.

With time, the finish will be stripped thus exposing the chemicals to the bare wood. That’s why you need to use as few wooden cleaning materials as possible.

How To Clean Wooden Furniture

Yes, you need to avoid the chemical-based cleaners unless the manufacturer recommends them. Well, here are the best ways to clean your wooden furniture. The ingredients you need include microfiber cloths and some water.

• For routine cleaning to remove fingerprints, dust or smears, you should wipe the wooden furniture using a dry microfiber cloth.

• If there are any sticky spots, you should make the microfiber cloth damp and apply a little pressure on the wooden piece until it is clean. Make sure the microfiber cloth is a little damp and not completely wet to avoid damaging the wooden furniture.

Preventative Maintenance Tips

As mentioned, it’s not that hard to keep your wooden furniture clean regularly. However, if you want to properly maintain your wooden furniture, you need to take a few preventative measures. These include the following:

• Always place coasters under any drinks placed on the wooden table or desk. It doesn’t matter whether the drinks are hot or cold. The coasters prevent lines from foaming on the wooden furniture. Learn more with Maid Service Miami

• When serving hot meals, you should always use trivets and placemats. It’s the best way to ensure that there is no damage to the finish or the wood itself.

• If there are any condensation rings or spills on the wooden table, you need to wipe them up immediately.

• Learn how to clean water stains from your wooden furniture to avoid further smudges or marks on the table.

With these tips, your wooden furniture will look as good as new!